Monday, April 28, 2008

Ma'am ????

I decided to throw caution to the wind, and embrace a new experience this weekend and did my grocery shopping at a store I've never shopped at. The fact that this seemed exciting to me should speak volumes about my personal life!

As I comparisoned shopped my way through this varietal pantheon of delictable treats I realized I needed to use the "little mommies room". At first opportunity, I spied a young man wearing a name badge that said: Brad and asked where I might find the restroom. Brad straightened himself up, cleared his throat and replied: "follow this row down to aisle 4 and make a left, it's against the wall."

I thanked him and he said, "you're'am."

Ma'am? When did I become a "ma'am"? My mother is a ma'am, but I didn't think I was one. When did this happen? Was it last year when I turned thirty one? Or was it maybe when I stopped baring my midriff? This isn't the sort of thing that happens steadily over time or is it? Does that sort of thing just creep up on you?

This rates along with other life milestones that suck the breath right out of you. For example, stopping at the corner gas station to pick up a six pack of beer and the attendant doesn't bother to ask for your i.d. Or enduring additional pre-natal testing due to advanced maternal age. Buying age fighting cosmetics seem to have about the same impact for me as being called ma'am by a pimply faced boy.

I had somewhat recovered from the shock by the end of my shopping trip. I decided if it was to be so, that I join the distinguished group of ladies known by strangers as "ma'am", then I would do so with my head held high.

I did however hurry out of the store once I'd paid for my groceries in case "Brad" wanted to help walk me across the street, I'm not ready to join that club yet!