Saturday, January 26, 2008

A Conversation With My Son

Since my husband volunteered for overtime duty this weekend, I was on my own for completing weekend housework chores with the children.

Suffering from back pain, I begged off some duties to the children in return for "whatever they wanted" (** note for future offer something specific never tell the children I will give them whatever they want).

While I was helping Gabriel clean his room we got onto the subject of doing things well vs doing them poorly and I asked him on a whim if he thought I was a good mother. He thought about this for a moment, not knowing of course that any perceived "wrong" answer he gave me would result in his being grounded until his 45'th birthday and decidedly said..."you're ok I guess."

Engaged (and feeling this an opportunity to grow as a mother) I asked, "well what do you mean son?" "Well," he said "you're good at like doing nice stuff and taking care of me and all...but um you're kind of ummm bossy."

Amused I said, "bossy?" "Uh yeah, you know because you are always telling me what to do and stuff, I mean I know you have to, but it's just that I don't like it all the time."

I told him, "well you know Gabriel it's never going to get any easier to be told what to do. Even when you grow up and get older I'll still tell you what to do. I'll still be bossy."

"I know," he says "and even when I get married too."

"That's right" I said, "even when you get married I'll still tell you what to do, even though you are a married adult man."

"No mom, that's not what I mean. I mean that YOU will be bossy and so will my wife. So the two of you will always be telling me what to do."

Oh son of have no idea.

Friday, January 25, 2008

A School Assembly....Twice the Performance

Today I had been cordially invited to attend a school assembly / musical performance by my eight year old son Gabriel. Eager to see my eldest born stand atop risers and wow me with his melodic abilities I accepted the invitation.

As I dressed for this auspicious occasion this morning, I wondered aloud to no one in particular why schools do not do more of these "performances". I recall doing two or three per year, wherein parents and grandparents were invited with cookies and punch to follow.

Bringing my camera along to document the occasion as any good mother would, I hurried out the door with my three year old and infant. Upon my arrival at the school cafeteria I realized this performance would not be like the assemblies I remember from my youth. Parents were lined up on the sides of the room, and all available seats being taken by the students. I selected a spot along the wall where we would be able to see Gabriel enter the room, and fortunately he was placed in the front row so we could see his face throughout the performance.

The principal began to explain that in light of Monday having been Martin Luther King day, the children were prepared to sing "We Shall Overcome" as sung by Peter, Paul and Mary and so the performance began. As I listened I pondered what exactly it was that Mrs. Zent's third grade class was about to overcome....longer recess times? No more homework? Better cafeteria lunches?

I was pulled from my deep thoughts by a voice, higher in pitch than the other voices. Further, the voice seemed to not really be singing the same words the others were singing. I glanced around the room to see who or what could be making that noise, and stopped when my eyes landed on my three year old daughter, Capi.

Capi had evidently been so moved by the song that she began to sing a made up song that had no words, only noises. On and on she went, until she felt compelled to perform an interpretive dance along with her impromptu solo. Several adults within eye (and ear) shot snickered and pointed at my budding performance artiste'.

Not every mother is so lucky to see two of her children perform on the same day, in the same venue.

And So Begins My Journey as a Stay At Home Mom

After seven amazing years as a sales assistant in a brokerage firm I have hung up my suits and traded in my headset for finger paint, to be a stay at home mom for my three children ages eight, three and four months.

My plan is for this blog to be a witty interpretation of the adventures and misgivings of one stay at home mom.