Monday, March 1, 2010

Another First!

Here at "Motherhood: Livin the Dream" I realize, as mothers we all savor those cherished Mothering "firsts".

Some "firsts" are viewed as milestones, which elicit heart clutching, audible sighs and instant ponderous reflections. The "first ultrasound","first smile", "first laugh", "first steps", "first words", the list abounds.

Then there are other "firsts" that qualify as entry into an elite, secretive, upper society of mothers, a club if you will. Entry into this universe isn't always welcome to the receiving party, as these sorts of "firsts" tend to be things that cause the mother some level of embarrassment or chagrin.

There's the "Mommy-why-is-that-man-so-fat" club. The costly "did-I-really-just-call-a-plumber-to-remove-whatever-it-was-my-child-flushed-down-the-toilet-club?" The not so popular "visit-to-the-Principal's-office-to-discuss-why-calling-someone-a-'fartmaster'-in-Mrs. Zent's-3rd grade-class-isn't-acceptable" club. My personal favorite, "full-on-category-F5-red-faced-public-temper-tantrum" club. Oh, and the recent "I-used-markers-to-color-myself-my brother-and-the-dog" club.

Today, March 1st 2010, I have entered into another club. One I proudly proclaimed I'd successfully managed to avoid through all three children.

The "while-mommy-was-busy-attempting-to-erase-her-flabdomen-I-used-the-scissors-to-cut-my-own-hair" club. Or, more appropriately known as "mommy-blissfully-unaware-rounded-the-corner-to-find-her-youngest-child-sitting-amidst-a-pile-of-hair-on-the-floor" club.

I had always prided myself on adequately (or so I thought) informing the children that "scissors are for cutting PAPER only". Every time one of my friends would announce her entry into this club, I'd scurry about re-reminding the children of the rule of the scissors.

I've spent the last 30 minutes attempting to camouflage my membership into this organization. I suppose it serves me right, vanity thy name is Mommy. I just can't stop remembering the little boy from that movie "The War", Noe somehow resembles a Lipnickie. You can't see it from the photo angle but his deepest cuts he took 'do' show through.

Oh well, it's just hair. It grows.